DLite1800 Front Light and TL05 Rear Light

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The DLite 1800 Front Light and Q5 Rear Light is an exceptional bike light set that boasts of superior quality and functionality.This dual-beam pattern smart bike light DLite 1800 boasts a unique mounting system that allows for upright mounting both on top and below the handlebar using a GoPro style mount. With its flood beam mode, the DLite1800 keeps light on the road where you need it and out of the eyes of oncoming road users. In focus mode, the maximum effective range is an impressive 210m. The built-in 5000-mAh battery of this rechargeable bike light supports charge-out for recharging your phone or bike computer via the USB-C charging port.

The TL05 Smart Brake Sensing Bike Rear Light is a revolutionary product designed to enhance your cycling experience. With its lightweight design, weighing only 27.3g, it ensures maximum convenience without compromising on functionality. This smart rear light is equipped with brake sensing and vibration sensing capabilities, providing a more pleasant and safe cycling experience.

Featuring five brightness modes, including lighting, single flash, breathing flash, rotating flash, and variable frequency flashing, this rear light offers versatility to suit different environments and preferences. Whether you need a steady light or a flashing one, TL05 has got you covered.

In addition to its impressive functionality, this bike rear light boasts an exceptional run time of up to 40 hours, ensuring long-lasting illumination during your rides. This is made possible by its efficient power management system. So, you can enjoy your cycling adventures without worrying about the light running out of power.

Crafted with professionalism and precision, the TL05 Smart Brake Sensing Bike Rear Light is the perfect companion for every cyclist. Its sleek design and advanced features make it an essential accessory for ensuring your safety and visibility on the road. Upgrade your cycling experience.