How to Choose Bike Headlights

Towild Jul 05, 2022

Are you perplexed about choosing the right bike headlight for your night rides? Is it befuddling for you to buy the best from various headlights over flooding the market?


But you don't need to scratch your heads anymore because we have got it all sorted out for you in this article.


You only need to gear up your enthusiasm for the serene night rides because TOWILD CL 1200Pro, CL 1200 and BR800 got it all lightened up for you. We will answer the most inquired concerns to buy the best products for your convenience.


Choosing the appropriate bike light


The first and foremost feature in selecting a front bike headlight for your darkness-engulfed night rides is to look for the light intensity. The bike light above 600 Lumens is considered one of the most efficient lights for the night bike-commuting community.  


All you need to do is, rush your cycle on the paths at night against the calm wind caressing you. We got your back and front lit up with the fantastic tech-friendly TOWILD bike lights.

In this aspect, BR 800 is an economical product. It not only provides 800 Lumens of light intensity but, with its anti-glare design, becomes one of the safest bike lights to existing on the face of the earth.

As an extension to it, TOWILD introduces much more technologically advanced bike lights at affordable prices for passionate cyclists. CL 1200Pro and CL 1200 are advanced wonders for night riders. 


Both headlights provide 1200 Lumens maximum, thus throwing beams far off for the comfort of the night riders.

Protecting your bike light in downpours


BR 800, CL 1200 and CL 1200Pro guarantee unperturbed enjoyment in torrential rains with their waterproof technology. 


The bike lights consist of IPX6 ratings water-resistant capacity that lets the cyclists roam around in light or heavy rains without worrying about damaging their headlights. 


Getting to experience wireless technology,


CL 1200Pro and CL 1200 both come with a wireless remote control that lets you immerse yourself in the sport of cycling without taking your hands off the bars. The wireless remote assists in controlling the lights according to the requirement.


Selecting an economical product in today's capitalist world 

We resolve your concerns with the Package of our bike lights that come with a list of essential components at zero cost!

BR 800, CL 1200 Pro, and CL 1200 have essential tools like Gopro Mount Brackets. Moreover, BR 800 packing contains a battery, a TYPE-C Charging Cable and a user manual for your ease.


Likewise, the CL 1200Pro and CL 1200 come with a complete packing of TYPE-C Charging Ports, a Built-in battery, the Wireless Remote Controller, and a user manual all in one.