A Guide to TOWILD CL 1200Pro Smart Headlight

Jul 04, 2022

A Guide to TOWILD CL 1200Pro Smart Headlight


Meta description: This blog highlights the intelligent features of the newly introduced bike light for night riders. 


Are you a cycle lover who loves to adorn your bicycles with technologically advanced products? Who loves dashing downhill when the sun meets the ocean and the light of the day is evading? If yes, you have stumbled upon the right place and are looking at one of the finest technology introduced to the world of cyclists.


TOWILD CL 1200Pro Smart Headlight is an excellent and one hundred percent recommended front bike headlight designed to facilitate cyclists' night riding.


On the previous great reviews and excellent purchases of the CL1200 bike front light, we have now introduced the TOWILD CL 1200Pro Smart Headlight, which takes the bike light's features further to an advanced level.


Gradient Color


The 1200Pro Smart Headlight is visibly attractive because its delicate Wine Red color gives it a highly royal look. However, it's not just the beauty and attractiveness of the color that captures your eyes, but also the improved and intelligent features that provide supreme appeal to the buyers.


Enhanced Rechargeable Battery


The 8th Anniversary Special and Limited Edition of CL 1200Pro comprises an enhanced rechargeable battery of 5000 mAh. Just 4 hours of charging time can do wonders of services for you by making the battery run for the next 12 hours maximum. It is a significant improvement on the previous version of the bike light upgrading the battery life and strength.

Increased Light Intensity


Moreover, with its wireless control and IPX6 waterproof feature, it is further boosted by a maximum of 1200 Lumens. The three basic power levels of light, from 300 Lumens to 600 Lumens to the maximum of 1200 Lumens, are all available with a single pressing of the power button.


1200 Lumens of light intensity is the most exciting feature of the new Pro Smart Headlight that can make it most accessible for you to ride your cycles in the tranquility of night's darkness. Hence, illuminating your path through the 1200 Lumens Pro feature.


Wireless Remote Controller


You might be wondering what's more in this special and limited Pro Smart edition of night bike headlight!


To your excitement, this CL 1200 Pro Smart Headlight has an excellent wireless remote controlling feature that provides ultimate convenience and comfort to cyclists riding at night. Without taking your hands off the handlebars, the riders can easily control the headlight model suited to the best of their safety and requirement.

Convenient Installation


This brilliant product contains both the Smart Mode and the Manual Mode ready at your service, and it comes with an easy installation process specified in the User Manual. It can be smoothly installed with a 4-step Normal Installation procedure or through the 4-step equally convenient Gopro Mount Bracket Installation process.

Multi-Component Package


The Pro Smart Headlight has specified components like Gopro Mount Bracket, Charging Port, Built-in Battery, Wireless Remote Controller, Handlebar Mount Bracket, AS90 Mount, and the User Manual as part of the packaging. 



To conclude, it can be safely said that CL 1200Pro Smart Headlight is one of the best product investments for night riders. The headlight provides an effortlessly worth-remembering experience to the cyclists riding on mountains, roads, or even in urban centers.